Cloud 9 (Expanded)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well, what do you know? I finally managed to announce something as it hits the store, rather than a million days later! I'm feeling proud of myself!
Remember my former FPD Round 1 freebie? I expanded it into a full blown kit, this is what it became!

Filled with bold and daring colours like teal, orange and burgundy, offset by a neutral beige and some brown paper, Cloud 9 offers richly textured and patterned papers and a variety of stiched and torn elements. From brown paper swirls to heart-shaped buttons, from hanging tag alphas to bracket journaling pieces, this kit is perfect for a multitude of layouts and you will find yourself using it over and over again.
Scrap For Hire Friendly!

Cloud 9 includes:
- 14 Individually Textured Papers
- 2 Bows in assorted colours
- 2 Brads
- 1 Heart Button in 2 colours
- 1 Star Button
- 2 Clipped Flowers
- 1 Patterned Flower
- 2 Frames
- 1 Hanger
- 2 Torn Hearts in assorted patterns
- 2 Hooks
- 1 Bracket Journaling Piece in assorted colours
- 1 Messy Spiral Stitching, with and without drop shadow
- 2 Page Overlays
- 1 Star Ribbon Stitching
- 5 Ripped Borders
- 1 Circle Stitching in assorted colours
- 1 Staple
- 2 Ribbon Stitched Stars
- 1 Stitch Frame
- 1 Macrame Piece
- 1 String in assorted colours
- 1 Brown Paper Swirl in assorted colours
- 1 Bracket Tag on a string in assorted colours
- 4 Tag Alphas - Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, blanks and . , ! ? only - in Teal, Beige, Orange and Burgundy

Available as a full kit or as separate Papers, Elements and Alphas packs.

2 scraps:

scrap.fairie said...

I was really kicking myself when I missed to snag this when it was a freebie. I'm just glad that I have the chance to get a hold of this one more time, it will be a money well spent.

jaye said...

I loved the mini and WOW what a great full version.