New Grab Bag, and I'm Moving!

Friday, October 10, 2008

This blog is closed! Please redirect your bookmarks to

Hi guys! This will be my last post here on blogger, since I've now swirched to wordpress. Please update and redirect your bookmarks to <-- that's where you can get your spankings at, from now on! Aaaand, I'll be having a newsletter soon! So if you could all (even those who signed for the previous newsletter I had here on this blog) go over to and enter your email under Subscribe (sidebar on the right), I'd be eternaly grateful! On other news, until October 12th, my grab bag is available! Image is linked!

What’s in it? I’ll give you hints:
1) There are 6 products in it
2) One of them is a paper pack, you can see the colour swatch at the top of the bag
3) One of them is a full kit, colour swatch at the bottom of the bag

Still not sold? Here is a gorgeous LO my amazing CTM Cat made with it:

Still not sold? Check out the detailed images at SBG in the product description for a full reveal!

No Halloween or seasonal stuff of any kind on this bag!

For other goodies, don’t forget to subscribe my newsletter! I’ll make it worth your while, promise, just insert your email up there on the right!

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