I Opened My Grab Bag!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Er... that was actually a week ago, I probably should have said something sooner, eh? Go me! (Insert eye rolling smilie here.) Well, in my defense, I did warn you I was an idiot a few posts back, lol.

Anyway, this is what was included in my grab bag, now available separately (Pics are clickable):

In warm autumn colours, Autumn Sunset is an understated mini kit perfect for making your photos the true focus of your layouts. Autumn Sunset includes:
6 Individually Textured Papers.
1 Clothespin.
1 Tag Frame.
1 Journal Piece.
1 Autumn Leaf.
2 Polaroid Frames.
1 Ribbon Flower.
2 Ribbon Stitching.
1 Rub On.
2 Swirl Stitches.
1 Full Alpha with Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols, Special and International Characters, and full sheets as well as individual characters for your commodity. A total of 164 characters.

Perfectly matching Discovery: the Brush Alpha and Discovery: the Alpha, Discovery sends us back to another time, of faded, inkstained maps and ancient photographs. Discovery Includes:
6 Individually Textured Paper Maps (12x12" @ 300dpi).
1 Worn Bound Book.
2 Tied Buttons.
1 Old Envelope.
2 Frames.
1 Worn Frame.
1 Journal Piece.
1 Rope.
1 Stitches.
2 Round Stitches.

With an old yet contemporary feel, the Discovery Alpha proves to be very versatile while coordinating perfectly with the Discovery mini kit.

With rather large letters, this brush alpha is very flexible and allows for a multitude of uses. Individual PNGs included for non-Photoshop users. Upper and lowercase only.

A Spring-feel brown alpha that's floral without being necessarily girly! Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols and special characters.

14 individually textured papers in all 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 bright and 7 more muted ones, peeled back to reveal the cardboard underneath. Is beauty really only skin deep?

A Scrabble-like bead alpha perfect for fun LOs! Uppercase, numbers, a blank and some symbols, as well as a full sheet.

12 individually textured multicolored papers decorated with gradients and bright splashes of color. Bold, colorful and daring, these papers will make your LO come to life!

12 curls that match the Unfettered paper pack. Bold, colourful and daring, these curls will make your LO come to life!

This bonus was also included in the grab bag, but it's now no longer available:

Whew! As Bugs Bunny would say, & that's all, folks!

3 scraps:

Carla said...

I absolutely LOVE all of the products in your Grab Bag - So happy I picked it up!!!

Can't wait till you do another one :)

Have a wonderful day!

jaye said...

oh Mon, you're not an idiot you just wanted to give people more of a chance to pick this fab bag up.

Vivie said...

I bought your bag and it is fabulous!! Thank you so much...can't wait for the next one!