28 - My first Double Page Layout

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's my second layout as a guest in Nicole Seitler's CT! It's the first time I've made a double layout, and this one is very close to my heart. Can you tell I love my birthday? I used the Confetti & Candy Paper and Embelishment Packs, as well as several freebies you can still grab over at Nicole's blog!

Clicking on the image will make it bigger and, as always, any CC is much appreciated!

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Cosmic Whale said...

Wow! This is your first? It's SO cool! I've always thought they look really neat, and yours is no exception.
I still have to try one myself, though! :)

What size do you make the document when you do this? Or do you make two separate pages and then join them up?

Jester's Tear said...

I made this as one document, 7200x3600px, but then cut it up in two halves to upload to the online galleries, otherwise it would be too tiny.

Thanks for the compliment! :D

Nicole Seitler said...

I just love the red color you made the paper! :D

Cosmic Whale said...

You're welcome, and thanks for the advice. Now I really have no excuse for trying out double pages :)

Is that the size that would work with 12x12?

I found your blog through the Whimsical Wonderland collab and I think I'm going to be a regular visitor now!

Jester's Tear said...

Yup, 7200x3600px is 24x12 @ 300dpi!

Glad to know you'll be a regular visitor, my door is always open! :D